Urgently Looking For Partners for Our Erasmus+ Adult Education Accepted Project Ony France /Germany/ Belgium

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As the Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, we have applied the Erasmus+ Adult education project and the name of the project is “Building Entrepreneurial Capacity for
Migrants Through Online Learning” that was successfully accepted by EU commission

The main objective of the project is to provide professional training to refugees, leading to better employment opportunities and living conditions. we would like to train the trainer and develop the knowledge, skills and capacities of intermediary organizations in relation with the needs of refugees for their integration in the labour market/or in relation to their strengths/capacities to start a business so to promote the development and testing of innovative and effective mechanisms to ensure fast-track integration into the labour market.

The project focus on below topics:
-Train the trainers for increasing migrant’s entrepreneurship into the labour market.
-To support the creation, the improvement and the wider distribution of support schemes for migrant
-To identify potential entrepreneurs among migrants and raise awareness about entrepreneurship
within migrants/refugees communities.
-raise awareness about entrepreneurship within migrants/refugee communities
-develop sustainable multi-level partnership models integrating refugees

If you have experiences on over the migrants/ refugees project and E-learning project please inform us and send your PIF.


Contact email: 

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