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Rural development

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With  the increasing numbers and as dynamic stakeholders in society, young people are key agents of positive change in Tirana and  Municipality

 However, youth as a key segment of the population have traditionally faced challenges in fulfilling their potentially important roles. There are linkages between the wider societal issues and challenges and those of concern to the youth sector. Based on the , "Development  Strategyof Rural in Tirana (quality of life and employment). 2014-2020" FGIA s work on youth empowerment inTirana  Muncipality  will focus on the following  two outcomes of Increased economic empowerment of youth; and Enhanced youth civic engagement and participation in tourism development processes. The initiation will pilot key activities, with a special focus on rural areas  in Tirana , with the aim of further contextualizing and replicating in Identified Tirana through the development of a  eight -year regional youth empowerment of sustainable development project under the  rural areas in Tirana Regional Youth Project on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

 Tirana Municipality administrative center is in Tirana city. Tirana Municipality includes Tirana city, 13 municipality units and 136 villages comprised in the 13  rural administrative units: Petrela, Farka, Zall-Bastar, Dajt, Bërzhita, Krraba, Baldushk, Shëngjergj, Vaqar, Kashar, Pezë, Ndroq, Zall-Herr

 Fonds européen agricole pour le développement rural (...

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