The path to the development of territories through the synergy of creative artists and specialists in ICT

il y a 8 ans

Oleksandr Babych



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For large industrial cities with developed metallurgy and other environment-hazardous industries it is highly relevant to search for new forms of economic activity and modern tools for the development of local industry.

A paradigm shift in the consumption of modern cities gave birth to cultural production which puts forward new requirements to work, career, studies, success and the like. Therefore, the cultural industry must become the point of growth of the local economy.

In the project it is planned to create an online cultural platform that, in addition to the virtual immersion environment of the participants, would organize problem-oriented communication of creative people and experts on ICT that aims to find and to identify requests and expectations of citizens, which can be solved with the help of art and have certain practical value.

Workshops (twice a year in landscape or historical places in each country of the study) are planned to be the main instrument of the activity to specify the local issues, to identify the areas of growth and to prepare the working groups for joint solution of local problems through art and attempts to commercialize them. Preparation for further commercialization will be held in the format of an annual hackathon (in each country).

The annual production of the Children's Opera "Brundibar" is planned to be the key summary event which will symbolize the invincible justice, good will that will conquer the evil, and the importance of respecting people. The choir will symbolize the complexity of interactions, children are the future of Europe, and the struggle is the sense of life. The internationality of both the authors and the performers will strengthen the synergy between artists and technical specialists. The musical arrangement will be carry out by the Opera Chamber quintet "Mystery" (Ukraine).

In today's conditions new ways of artistic expression become symbols of hope, strength, victory. The victory over diseases, corruption, terrorism. The victory gives the right to choose how to live this life. It is in this creative environment where the synergy of creative artists and technical experts through a continuous dialogue will contribute to changes in culture, paying great attention to the socio-economic value of value added creativity.

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