Technology allowing users to dive inside an image

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Technology that allows users to dive inside an image. Details and clarity like never seen before. More profound images. More realistic and constantly updated video images. Displays that go beyond pixels.


Using the latest breakthroughs in technology, we plan to develop a software that addresses a new format display, manages the transmission and synchronization, while offering support for big size ;

The proposed solution will not only provide more insights and higher details of the world’s beauty but also handle the update of information almost in real-time, offering constant refresh and making video images much more realistic.

The need for this: 

As the technology evolved and digital cameras became able to capture images and videos in more than 1000 pixels, the level of detail captured has grown at never before seen precision.

Taking advantage of the hardware capabilities of capturing videos with resolution up to 1000 Mpixel and beyond, using a source capable of decoding it, and a path that supports the appropriate bandwidth, the display represents the last piece of the ;

The human eye is not able to see all these details when using small LED displays and neither is it able to distinguish color better than pixelation. Using HDR, that represents a much wider contrast and a larger group of colors, we will address this ;

With flexible, seemingly displays, bigger and clear than ever before, the beauty of the world, with all its amazing details, will become accessible to users everywhere.

We will develop new software that takes benefit from the advantages offered by the existing hardware. Building on top of the existing displays that are flexible, brighter, with a larger field of view, we will create a display that leverages the image quality benefits and features more than 33 million pixels. Our product will not be bound to the capabilities of the hardware when it comes to the maximum size of the display, and it will be able to display high-resolution imaging, 3D shots for virtual reality, and multiple shots from various point of views and generation of virtual point of views.

Our solution will be available for future applications in heads-up displays, automotive dashboards, billboard-type displays, for entertainment, retail or office purposes, inside or outside.


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