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Biro Attila



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Our goal is to develop a new data-driven investigative reporting platform in Romania. We will use data to uncover fraud, corruption, and organized crime in Romania. Most of the mainstream media abandoned investigative reporting and there are almost no data-driven outlets in our country. We indent to fill this gap and provide fact-based reporting to our readers. As a long term result, we want to scale up our platform, have a solid track of data-driven reporting, have fully trained investigative reporters and trainers that would be able to add new members to our team. This proposal is focused on the short term result. We will use the resources from this grant to build from the ground up this platform and reporting initiative. Brief of the activities: Create the infrastructure of the project: set up a fully functional NGO Create the online infrastructure: launch a fully functional website Create the work-flow and content: expand the project team and publish the first investigative series. The direct beneficiaries of this project will be the Romanian citizens who will get fact-checked information that they can use in their decisions. Also, another goal will be to publish our investigation in English and do cross-border reporting as much as possible. This way our reporting will be useful for citizens in our region also. Our findings will be useful also for the local and regional law-enforcement that can use it in their official investigations.

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