Sustainable tourism: retreat center & yoga school

il y a 2 ans

Abdalla Zubi



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I am currently working on the design of retreat & glamping center & yoga ;The project is going to take place in an area that is outside of the urban plans of the city, the purpose behind such a project is to develop sustainable tourism, have tourism facilities that do not harm the environment around or even affect the image around it.

The project will be depending on almost generating its own electrity and energy, the concept '' organic only food'' is the base for the policy of my idea which mainly speak about directing the tourism into the nature without harming or changing the face of the nature. the center will be design from material that will never change the image of the place and the agricultular face of the area that it will be operating at. recycled houses with low energy consumption will installed in order to fullfill parts of policy, which mainly talks about sustainability, less consumption, and awarness.

I believe that directing the tourism into more sustainable tourism will have more benefits, self-awareness on us as humans and benefits the natural.

I am working on the design of my project in order to find a fund and investments support that can help me build and activate the project by the coming summer 2021 season, trying to overcome the COVID-19 financial crises.

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 Ressources naturelles
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