Sustainable sailing-hiking-bike holidays in the Northern Mediterranean Countries with emphasis on "responsible travel"

il y a 4 ans
  1. Promoting a transational network of rural touristic routes structured in several sailing-hiking-bike itineraries across the countries of the northern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Developing an alternative approach to masstourism, based on either the “Sun and sand” model of large concentration of visitors in specific locations (Cities, etc.).
  3. Development of tourism at a territorial level, spreading the benefits across the territory, promoting cohesion, sustainability and local community participation.
  4. Contribution to territorial balance and cohesion by fostering local economic development in areas traditionally less exposed to international tourism.


  • Information about natural and cultural sites of interest.
  • To identify, valorise and internationally position local assets.
  • To build a strategic consensus with all relevant stakeholders identified for the making up of a solid and competitive offer of services and products for tourists.
  • To design and structure the transnational network of sailing, hiking and bike routes.
  • To develop a joint promotional and commercial strategy to exploit the northern Mediterranean network of routes, including the design of integrated and personalized proposals and holiday packages
  • To improve the professional skills of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and to promote its internationalization.
  • To enhance the institutional framework devoted to support a more competitive industry.


 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Tourisme durable
 Mobilité des jeunes
 Héritage culturel
 Culture et développement
 Europe créative

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