Sustainability Consultant for large ICT research projects

il y a 4 ans




Recherche partenariat

Most research consortia are not really equipped to carry out sustainability activities. Their skills relate to the creation of new knowledge, performing excellent science and in testing, but not commercialising research results. It takes a completely different mindset to commercialise something, to speak with industry, to build a business case and to find the first clients that will pay for your research results.

We’re good at this… we’ve done it many times before: for our own research projects and also for others. We currently run our own businesses, all over Europe, and we can understand all sides of the story: from the EP and EC, to researchers, regulators, economists, entrepreneurs and industrialists.

This is really a win-win relationship… you get to keep doing what you’re best at, and we make sure that the results of your research become sustainable.


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 Horizon Europe
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