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il y a 5 ans




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We want to apply for the SME Instrument Fase 2 which has a submission deadline April 4th.

As we’re running short on time, we’d like to get some help with that. Would you be interested in our project?


It’s our mission to prevent hearing damage by making earplugs amazing. We do so by taking away why people don’t like earplugs: they should sound great, look amazing and sit super comfortably. Therefore, we developed

Loop is the first earplug that combines an acoustic channel and advanced filter in a unique and elegant shape that doesn’t make you look like a dork. We’ve been selling them for about a year online and we’re launching them now worldwide (with great interest with some major retailers in EU, US, Asia and Australia) and thus fit perfectly in fase 2 of the SME Instrument program.


If you’d be interested to support the submission of our project, please reach out to me for more information.


Best regards,



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