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FUEGO Cultural, Artistic, Dance- and Sport Association

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FUEGO Cultural, Artistic, Dance- and Sport Association

1. OUR PAST: Fuego was founded in 2005 as an artistic- and sport organization, and became number one in Hungary with extraordinary success in the realm of performing arts, like theatrical, singing and dance. In the first 6 years the main activity was children's talent management and by that developing teaching methods in order to develop high performance world champions (Fuego has won more than 450 gold medals at the European and World Championships with his children so far).

2. OUR PRESENT: With huge success behind, Fuego faced general difficulties affecting the Hungarian children/youth and a loss of quality of present generation's children. After identifying possible causes Fuego took a decision to develop an action plan and follow a new direction to help alleviate social problems. With the support of the Ministry of Human Resources and Local Government of Budapest, Fuego opened their School of Art and Afterschool Educational Center called "Broadway" in 2011, and since then, he has been searching for disadvantaged children who are interested in performing arts.

Since then Fuego maintains his artistic company called "Fuego Theatre and Dance Company", which consists of 66% of disadvantaged children and 33% of children with more secure background. By attracting great experts and volunteers they have extended their activities to promote a healthy lifestyle and to provide social assistance for families with difficulties. Fuego is famous about it's charity galas, where more than 150 children (from that 115 disadvantaged) show their talents and progresses at the end of ech school semester.

Another main goal of Fuego is the adult education with a particular focus on life-improving techniques and the dissemination of that knowledge for disadvantaged parents and families.

Beside of that Fuego provides publicly available artistic unfolding lessons, exercise-, sport- and dance events for its free capacity.

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