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Bayrakli District Directorate of National Education

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Covid19 negatively affects educational activities in many ; However, this does not mean that our students and teachers are completely absent from educational ; Based on this, we chose to transfer our educational activities to digital ; With our project, which we designed with the title of Learn-Enjoy-Apply, we will provide our students with options in different fields (foreign language learning, mind and intelligence games and social cultural activities) through the digital platforms we will create, and we will try to both continue their educational activities and support participation in social life they have moved away from due to ; In this context, we aim to support and strengthen our project with 3 or 4 intellectual ; In addition, digital content is planned in our project with online ; We are planning to complete our project within 2 ; Our expectation from our partners is that they use digital platforms in their learning activities and they will be willing to work in this direction.

We are looking for partnerships at the primary school level and at the level of local education authorities for our project, which we will present under the call for Partnerships for Preparing for Digital Education in our project.


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