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Solar Green Education is a signatory of the School Commitment to the Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Our commitment is to disseminate  to schools and universities  the SDGs. The UN warns of the devastation that climate change will cause will be "much greater" than the coronavirus pandemic, as UN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed on ; In this regard we have created  the Solar Green ;The project consists in three activities:

1. Promote a sustainable education: our desire is for young people to be informed about sustainable development so that they can develop the necessary resources in building a more supportive world with the natural environment. That they have the necessary tools to provide solutions to the world's greatest problems, eradicate poverty and protect the planet, as well as guarantee peace and prosperity

2. Installation of solar energy to schools, universities, commerce and industry: A you know, the sun is one of the most precious assets of mankind. Solar energy has numerous benefits that place it as one of the most promising.  

3. Course in solar energy and climate change: Developed by 15 professionals: scientists, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists.

We believe that information on sustainability and sustainable development goals such as climate change remains insufficient. Collaboration and teamwork and networking is the way to achieve the objectives. We are looking for young people, student associations and adults with interest in environment issues   to collaborate with us to disseminate the project  and participate with us in its benefit.  

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