Social & labour insertion tools in the field of drugs

il y a 4 ans

Magenta Consultoría Projects is looking for partners for the call for supporting initiatives in the field of drugs policy (JUST-2018-AG-DRUGS)

The project we have created consists on the promotion of insertion tools for rehabilitated drug addicts. It implies providing resources, training and tools to the organisations and professionals working with drug-addicts as well as bringing resources closer to this group, eliminating the technical and social barriers that generally impede the access of our target group to socio-labour insertion opportunities as well as promoting their personal competences, digital skills and health education.

We are looking for partners that work in this field, either NGO's or private companies. Preferably we are looking for partners in these countres: France, Italy and Croatia.

 Affaires sociales et inclusion
 Soins de santé
 Programme de justice

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