Smart operation strategies for solar-powered plant oil and biodiesel production by computational optimization and integration of a mobile app as a decision-support system

il y a 5 ans

Sebastian Romuli



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Biofuel is a renewable and ecofriendly source of energy, which could enhance the energy selfsufficiency of emerging market economies. Since most of the processing units are located in remote areas in India, difficult access to sufficient energy and lack of developed infrastructure are presently the major constraints holding back the productivity. This project focuses on the development of a solar-powered mechanical oil press and biodiesel reactor from non-edible oil crops at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) level integrated with an IT-based system, as a decision-support tool. The system as an interactive network among the stakeholders will be established by database management and platform development of a mobile app. The mobile app will be developed according to on-site assessment and state-of-the-art computational optimization of a stand-alone oil press and biodiesel reactor. This integration of a mobile app is a prospective solution for increasing biodiesel production in developing countries.

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Énergie renouvelable
 Technologie mobile
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