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We are experienced in HVAC integrated facade designs that can easily benefit from renewable energy sources. Our main goal is to develop innovative ventilation and HVAC systems for “Buildings” (hospitals, schools, offices etc.) and climate control “; We are looking for partners to work on the integration of renewable energy technologies with the adaptive façades.

The project idea (called SMART FAÇADE) is the adaptive facade which is integrated with HVAC system. The façade utilize small openings on the skin constructions for a continuous air circulation. Therefore, it makes the system more feasible than similar systems like «double facades and the renewable energy sources can be used directly on the facade.

Another advantage of the system is that it allows the ventilation with 100% fresh air in an economical way. As it is known, good ventilation of buildings is important to reduce the effect of the pandemics such as COVID19 . We assume that the amount of fresh air in the standards will increase in the coming periods. In this sense, the project has serves meaningful ; (REHVA recommended to increase ventilation rates and not to use return air /recirculating air-). 


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