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Looking urgently for APPLICANT organization of K2 project Erasmus plus program.

Types of organization: Gaming company, Social Enterprise, Non profit organization working in the field of social entrepreneurship.

One of the key challenges that potential and existing social entrepreneurs face with is missing relevant business skills, especially for access to alternative sources of financing that will lead to business development. In addition, most of the current training methods are lacking fun and engaging component.

The main goal of the project will be to develop specific entrepreneurial skills of young potential social entrepreneurs, as well as already existing, by developing an innovative game-based learning method (online serious game).


  • O1 - To design online serious game for simulation of running social enterprise, challenges, risks, benefits, especially access to financial and non financial support

  • O2- To introduce 20 youth trainers how to promote and integrate this game as part of their current training programs for social entrepreneurship

  • O3 - To disseminate the game to 200 social entrepreneurs in order to acquire business skills needed for accessing financial and non financial support of their enterprise.

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