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il y a 5 ans

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Recherche partenariat

;   Terzo avviso / Dritter Aufruf

;   Asse prioritario 3: Istituzioni / Institutionen

Obiettivo specifico 5: Rafforzamento della collaborazione istituzionale transfrontaliera in ambiti centrali dell’area di programma / Spezifisches Ziel 5: Stärkung der grenzübergreifenden institutionellen Zusammenarbeit in den zentralen Bereichen des Programmgebietes

;   Deadline: venerdì 30novembre 2018 alle ore 16:00 / Freitag 30. November 2018, um 16:00 Uhr.

;   Durata massima di realizzazione del progetto / Höchstdauer für die Umsetzung der Projekte:

;   Coordinating person:        Oscar Zanutto

  qualità@ +393472727598


The Project will be focused on the development of an effective approach to engage seniors and empower them in the co-design of the social services they need for making social local services actually working for citizens.




The project logic is:

;   Expected Impact

a)      Improvement of social participation and a parallel reduction of seniors  social isolation level

b)      Improvement the social care worker department of the Municipalities’ skills in terms of running the local social engagement of seniors

c)      Demonstrate, thanks to SROI evaluation model, that the seniors centred design approach for social service innovation produce a gain in terms of the “ownership” feeling for seniors citizens and their use of local public services available

We are looking for an University based in Salzburg or Tirol area in Austria with expertise on community based intervention for seniors social inclusion and public services co-design


 Renforcement des compétences
 Innovation sociale
 Affaires sociales et inclusion

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