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il y a 4 ans

Chakir Mahjoubi



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Data architect specializing in digital transformation and media production. I contribute to the production of digital contents in an attempt to help businesses restructure and enrich their data to create robust linked information knowledge base. My clients are spread across different sectors and technologies and I am involved in:

  • • data annotation and metadata analysis for user case intents;
  • • construct lexical resources and terminology databases;
  • • ensure metadata and keywords meet annotations users’ intents;
  • • built knowledge systems (ontology) using web semantic tools.

I am initially engaged in creating products metadata, annotating and testing it to check if user's intent is reached correctly, then I document the pieces where improvement should be done and communicate it to the management. I create, enrich metadata then test it using a marketing seo tool, which allows me to test system keywords with the data already on the web, compare between those and check their relativity and usability.

I love connecting with people. If you're interested in personally connecting with me? Please feel free to reach me via LinkedIn.

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