Seeking SME for upcoming HORIZON-EIC-2022-PATHFINDERCHALLENGES-01-01 call

il y a 12 jours

Bar Ilan University



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Project Title: Carbon dioxide capture and fixation – fast bio-inspired precipitation in seawater with coral peptides/enzymes

The SMEs that are most suitable to cooperate in the EIC pathfinder CAPFIX PROJECT that we are running are:
a. (highest fit) Companies seeking to utilize carbonate-based mineral precipitates of all solid phases, amorphous and crystalline.

b. (high fit) Companies actively developing technologies/processes to achieve CO2 capture and will enjoy partnering with us on the basis of our fixation technology capabilities.

c. (medium fit) Companies developing CO2 capture using similar carbonate chemistry to ours but are looking for alternative processes that are more environmentally-friendly, efficient and less energy costly.

If you're interested in collaboration, please contact us

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