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Meram Osman Gazi Secondary School



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Our aim in this project is to enable students participate in the lessons actively which are planned and organised by their teachers. And then be able to completed their education with a diploma.

Our target groups in this project are children who have families with low socio-economic and education levels, children from refugee families and children having unhappy families.

Our project will focus on preventing early school drop out. The innovative side of our project is to involve children who have school drop out problems in all activites with cooperation of teachers and parents. As a result of these activities to ensure that they are important people and develop positive self-being.


In our planned project partnership we will include 2 partners who has no early school drop out problem and 2 partners who have early school drop out problem.


Through activities in the partnership

we aim

-to decrease the level of negative students behaviours and environment which causes low self-confidence among children.

-to make school more attractive for children

-to contribute in increasing self-confidence levels of students.


The impact of the project will be

-students' ability to make their own decisions will be increased

-their ability to assume leadership roles will be increased

-their problem Solving skills will be developed

-their motivation to participate in social activities will be increased

-their interest and will to go to school will be increased



Activities to be carried out for this purpose
*a one-week workshop will be held in partners who have early school drop out problem and teachers will participate in learning teaching training ;Training will include sharing good practices on innovative learning and teaching techniques to prevent early school drop out. A guideline will then be prepared that includes approaches to addressing early school leaving. face to face trainings will continue with online trainings for 2 ;A guide will be prepared according to the results of these trainings and they will  implemented in parnters who have  early school dropout problem.

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