Searching for partners with experience in Circular Economy

il y a 3 ans




Recherche partenariat

We are preparing a proposal for Erasmus+ VET, focusing on mid-management skills development for the textile sector and we need a partner with expertise in circular economy that will have the responsibility for developing a training module and its resources on the topic.

Please, pay attention to the below requirements:

  • we do not seek for partners from PT; SP, BG, PL, CY, GR, IT. Partners from any other countries are welcomed.
  • you have to show experience in developing training/educational materials on the topic 
  • you have to be able to provide your PIF and the signed mandate letter in a short time
  • Universities/research centers are very welcome to appl

Shall you be interested and fulfil the above criteria, I kindly ask me to text me at  p e d r o . c o s t a (at) i n o v a . b u s i n e s s or send a message here at the platform with the evidence required confirming your experience in the topics.

thank you

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