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Dear future partners,
I am writing on behalf of Consortium for new teaching methods in primary and pre-primary education. At present, our consortium consist of five partners - two public schools, two public kindergatents and the training centre I represent. All constortium members are situated in the city of Rousse, Bulgaria.
We are searching for partners for KA1 Erasmus+ mobility project who can act as a receiving organization or can provide such organizations
The scope of our project proposal is to find and apply new teching methods in primary and pre-primary education connected with: 

  • Application of digital competences in the classrooms for a better, more accessible and attractive education methods;
  • Аapplication of virtual realities in the education of young children;
  • Game-based methods for teaching and learning;
  •  Training for trainers (andragogy) of children and young students
  • Development of creative thinking for children
  • Development of the emotional intelligence of children
  • Health education and education at pre-school and primary school age
  • Development of skills  to resolve conflicts and overcome aggression
  • Development of presentation skills for teachers working with children from primary and pre-school age.

Our project propal will include both VET-STA and VET-TAA type of mobility. For the VET-STA mobility, we are searching for partners who can provide courses in the abovementioned topics and accomodation services. As for the VET-TAA mobility, we are searching for organizations which can receive our teachers for a certain period of ;

We are open for a partnership from any applicable country, but we are especially interested in partners from Finland or ; 

Thank you for your kind collaboration! 

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 Coopération transfrontalière
 Coopération transnationale

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