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il y a 4 ans

Gwlad Courtney Limited



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We are a sales marketing and distrribution company in the Medical sector. We haveave well connected distributors contacts  who  we have been working with for several years now and with ; We have launched many products successfully in the past and identified many years ago that this is a model way to market various medical products. There are several benefits for the manufacturer 

1 Very fast uptake of new business through these contacts and their teams.


 2  Pro-forma invoicing ie payment always up front.


 3 Training/Support for the distributors in the network.


marketing behind the scenes viz SEO/SEM/Tele-Campaigns/Group Presentations/Full Exhibition support etc

 The service we can provide with the right product(s) is great for the manufacturer because everything is handled at this end and all payments are to your Company bank account.


We are looking to cooperate with medical companies seeking commercialisation partners

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