S3iRURAL - Coordination actions for addressing and measuring social innovation initiatives impact factors and conditions in rural regions

il y a 6 ans

Gonzalo Pellejero



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A spanish cities association is working on the H2020 call RUR-01 - Building modern rural policies on long-term visions and societal engagement /  Rural society-science-policy hub (CSA)

This project aims at testing a framework that provides information not only on how many social innovation entrepreneurs or innitivatives there are or the level or entrepreneurship in each territory, but also that provides information on indicators, factors and conditions for addressing and measuring social innovation impact and development in rural regions.

The main idea underlying S3iRURAL project is to adapt and test the “OECD/EUROSTAT framework for entrepreneurship indicators”  in combination with a recommender system (with an open data driven approach) to host and exploit all the data and information that ensures gaining a better understanding (and sharing) of social innovation entrepreneurship impact and development factors and conditions in rural regions.

If interested in joining our consortium as partner or leader, please send me your profile with the subject S3iRURAL.

 Développement rural
 Innovation sociale
 Horizon Europe

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