Rugby League, Aquaculture is the solution

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Following and nt staying behind of good idea that didn't have the right communication tool,

Burundi Rugby League Cooperative has proposed to its members to develop a better Aquacuture that will help the rugby league comminuty to have a employment that will last many years ahead

Aquaculture starts where we believe it has to bio hazard free, a nursery, a hatching are the start of a good board for the fish farming in our community 

5000 ponds in the country still need baby fish of 5grs, up to 100grs young fishes 

Our community needs approximately 500 jobs that can allow the family to play rugby league in all 5 provinces that we have implemented the game 

From this assumption above we are looking for partners that will help us crowdfund for our project or help get a grant for a better start up 

 Pêche et alimentation
 Développement rural
 Jeunes agriculteurs
 Agriculture sociale
 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Ressources humaines

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