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We are preparing an application for , with the topic: Rroma cultural heritage, and we are looking for partners from:

  • Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Eligible project partners may be entities, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and nongovernmental organisations and academia established as legal persons, including but not limited to:  Municipalities, organisations owned or partly owned by municipalities, associations of municipalities; Regions, organisations owned or partly owned by regions; associations of regions; Organisational units of central government, organisations partly funded by central government units, state enterprises, state organisations;  Civil society organisations, non-profit organisations, social enterprises, interest associations of legal persons, foundations and endowment funds; Companies; Cooperatives (manufacturing, housing, consumer); Social partners (trade unions, sector associations, employer associations, chambers of commerce and industry).

The project will take place for 48 months.

The role of the partner will be:

  • To prepare and send 100 artists (no matter the professional experience), to Romania for one week artistic residency related with the Rroma culture (100 euro per participant sent, 20 of the artists should be Rroma)

  • To organize 5 national events (festivals, NGOs fair, art events, exhibitions, Rroma village) to promote Rroma culture (7000 euro per event - there should be 1000 visitors/people informed per event)

  • To research at national level and share the good practices about Rroma cultural heritage with the partners, and to have an active role in the management and implementation of the project (management costs per month - 300 euro)

Each partner should cover 10% of its budget (5% can be volunteering work). In the same time, the budget is flexible, if a partner wants to organize just 2 events and send 70 artists, is completely fine, but you need to send us the indicators. We are also open for your suggestions.

What you need to do to be a partner?

  1. Register to this website: all Applicants should be registered in the EGERG system at

Send us asap an email to , with information about your organisation and motivation, including the indicators.

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