Replication of EYE Training Model for Entrepreneurship and Employability

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EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs



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Our  mission: Rise to the challenges of creating prepared individuals for their success in four areas:  work, entrepreneurship, school and life through training and mentoring via distance learning.

We offer training through problem-based learning for acquiring skills, mindset and key competences needed for personal development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment while also preparing an individual for becoming a successful entrepreneur or enhancing his or her employability.

Mindset4Successes  - Training Model Focuses on individuals  acquiring skills that will sustain them through their journey toward successful entrepreneurship. The course is designed to help them develop a mindset that drives behaviors toward success, including capabilities for analytical problem-solving, innovation and creativity, self-direction and initiative, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking, and skills in being able to communicate, work in teams and collaborate. These same skills can also improve their employability in the 21st Century workforce that demands a different set of skills than those taught in traditional education curricula, and can be applied to students of all ages, from primary school through higher education.   

The three-phase training model for entrepreneurship includes:

     Pre-Incubation-  participants begin to interact with a local entrepreneurship ecosystem to network with actors that motivate the fostering of entrepreneurship and economic development in a local region and with other young entrepreneurs at all stages of the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur or enhancing employability
     E-Incubation - entrepreneurship competences and mindset acquired through distance learning methodologies - all online courses based in the EntreComp framework.
     Post-Incubation - development  of ides from those generated during training, including testing and validation, developing a business model, and the creation of a startup. Participants interact with actors within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem to access mentors, resources and services designed to accelerate the growth and  success of entrepreneurial ventures through support that can include physical space, coaching, shared common services and networking connections, access to capital and additional training.

The training model for students is developed from an ecosystem for collaborative, problem-based learning in small-groups utilizing education technology formulated specifically for knowledge are trained to become facilitators of learning rather th
dispensers of pre-determined content in guided discovery toward acquiring the 4Cs of future education - critical thinking, collaboration,communication and creativity through the use of Knowledge Forum, educational technology formulated specifically for knowledge-building pedagogy

Mindset4Successes  -  Community of Practice Resides on our digital platform as a method of bringing together staff,faculty and others who train and mentor students in preparation to implement distinct training models. This virtual community of practice allows its members to network and communicate on a regular basis to share information and experiences to learn from each other and develop their professional capacities as trainers, facilitators and mentors.

Mindset4Successes  -  Train the Trainer Workshops prepare teachers, trainers and mentors to facilitate learning by supporting, guiding, and monitoring the learning process while becoming proficient in distance learning methodologies and implement the programme at their facilities.

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