Replacing charcoal with biogas as a household and restaurant energy sources in Zambia

il y a 5 ans

Gershom Mwandila



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Most households and restaurants in Zambia use charcoal for heating and cooking. Charcoal is made by cutting trees into small pieces and then carbonising them. The cutting of trees has caused deforestation and the set up where charcoal is produced releases smoke which contains gases that contribute to climate change. Cutting trees for charcoal is not sustainable and also brings out effects of climate change such as erratic rainfall and extreme temperatures. However, the cutting of trees can be minimised and eventually eradicated if charcoal can be replaced by biogas.

A concept is being proposed where the production and cleaning of biogas will be demonstrated to households and restaurant owners to enable them embrace biogas as a green energy source. The demonstration will include the use of biogas for heating, cooking and refrigeration. Biogas will be produced and used at household and restaurant thereby enhancing the social-economic status of the users and contributing to poverty eradication and job creation ( SDGs 1)


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