Renewable development for Islands & remote regions

il y a 2 ans

Blue Power Synergy



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Showcase renewable systems for energy & clean water in remote regions or islands.

Remote & developing regions have limited and difficult access to energy or clean water. Today these locations get their electricity mainly from diesel engines or alike. Fuel use and supply is expensive and unreliable. Missing fuel resupply results in certain regions in several months without power or even clean drinking water. Our units solve that problem in a renewable long-term way.
The energy and clean water units can be used by industries, construction yards, private owners, communities, NGO’s, governments and even humanitarian and disaster aid.
Our advantages towards competitors are: multiple renewable sources instead of 1, energy storage incorporated, fast and easy transport due to its standard container size, easy to deploy, fully stand alone, no permits or infrastructural works required. Our floating option makes the unit not sensible to flooding, earthquakes and small tsunami’s.
The project would be a part of the transition to 0 Carbon systems as well as development for those regions.


 Énergie renouvelable
 Développement durable
 Gestion des ressources en eau

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