Provide training for health workforce, including digital skills (EU4H-2022-PJ-06)

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VIVES University of Applied Sciences engages in hands-on research. VIVES reaches out to companies and organizations that face modern day challenges. Offering a solution to said challenges, we improve our knowledge and adjust our insights in and on education.

In the Centre of expertise for care innovation, VIVES is developing practical knowledge about the application of new technologies in care. In collaboration with companies and social profit, tailor-made solutions are developed and implemented.

The integrated care approach is gaining ground in the healthcare sector. It is important that the various care levels and disciplines work closely together, and that the patient/client and his environment take responsibility for the proper course and effectiveness of care.

VIVES invests a great deal in quality training for health professionals and paramedics. Practical research underpins planned educational development that takes full account of evolving care needs, health care developments, changes in the student population and new educational insights...

For example, VIVES is involved in a digital training regarding lifting patients techniques and avoiding (chronical) back pain (). VIVES also developed recently validated trainings for 4 competences of healthcare professionals (technological agility, ethics, intrapreneurship and interprofessional cooperation) (Interreg ZORO project) and has various other ongoing project regarding the implementation of digital training, serious games, up and reskilling of healthcare professionals and paramedics.
VIVES has also 2 labs that each focus on specific aspects to provide training for health workforces. sTimul has a focus on the ethical aspect of care and has for example tools and training available to simulated the situation as a care recipient, or to experience dementia. Simlab has a focus on non technical skills such as crisis resource management and human factors.


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