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Municipality of Hévíz

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Hévíz, as a unique spa town in Southwest Hungary, is the 2nd most popular tourist destination of Hungary after the capital, due to its medicinal lake and its healing power. Since Hungary has joined the European Union, Hévíz has participated in many EU-financed projects. Most of them have targeted city rehabilitation, sustainable mobility, cultural heritage, active tourism, healthy lifestyle, promoting sport, creating attractive urban environment and attractions for locals and visitors and boosting active citizenship through a strong cooperation with local youth. Hévíz is currently leading a cross-border project with Hungarian and Croation cities called SportOverBorders which aims to reinforce cooperation and citizens involvement through various sport activities.

Since sport has a significant role in the life of Hévíz the municipality would like to build on its previous project experiences and participate in sport-related projects. Thus, Hévíz is interested in joining a consortium as a partner to develop a common project proposal under the call titled “Promotion of European values through sport initiatives at the municipal level”.

Hévíz has recently participated or is currently participating in the following sport-related or active citizenship projects:

- Sport Cannot Stop at Borders (SportOverBorders), INTERREG HU-HR CBC (2017-2018): The project aims at connecting people living in the two sides of country borders (either in Hungary or Croatia), familiarizing sport and the love of sports with many people in different age groups in both countries and promoting active lifestyle. As Lead Beneficiary, Hévíz coordinates the whole project.

- Energy efficient refurbishment in cultural heritage buildings (RefurbCulture), INTERREG HU-HR CBC (2017-2018): The main objectives of the project are to increase energy efficiency of cultural heritage buildings in the cross border area, to strengthen touristic and cultural cooperation in the cross border area and the preservation of cultural heritage. The partnership is led by the City of Koprivnica, Hévíz participates as partner.

- Debate on the Future of Europe and the Four Freedoms (EU3doms), Europe for Citizens Programme (2016-2017): The project promoted active EU citizenship especially among young people through discussing the main challenges of the four European freedoms. Hévíz coordinated this project as Lead Beneficiary.

- Transnational workshops for youth involvement in decision-making on urban regeneration (Transforming your City), Erasmus+ KA3 (2016-2017): The main objective of the project was to encourage young people to engage in the process of reflection and decision-making on the regeneration of degraded urban areas. Hévíz participated as partner in the project.

- Bicycle Oasis (BicOa), INTERREG HU-HR CBC (2013-2014): The aim was to set up small-scale high-tech bike sharing systems, to digitalise the existing cycling routes in the area and to motivate tourists to use the advantages of this new service. The bike sharing system was developed based on the points of interest (tourism attractions) that exist in the partner towns of Koprivnica and Hévíz.

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