practice inclusion through baskin

il y a 5 ans

Koutsogeorgopoulou Fani

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  1. It currently represents one of the most innovative sports offer as far as global accessibility and inclusion of all types of people are concerned. It offers the possibility for handicaped and non-handicaped people to play together at the same time, in a same team.

    Baskin is played on the same ground/court as regular basket-ball. It aims at the same principal target i ;e. the confrontation of 2 teams whose goal is to score as many baskets/points as possible in a set time. A great deal of the basic rules of basket-ball are used for Baskin : precise ball throwing, static and dynamic dribbling, passing the ball to a team player.

    However, Baskin remains quite different from basket-ball in the way that it offers the possibility to make people whose mental and/or physical capacities can be radically different. In this regard, some adaptations had to be invented.

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