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Realizing the importance of the noble ideals such as loving kindness, mercy, friendship, generosity, equanimity, and righteousness, as enshrined in all our religions,in the lights of such information we arelooking for KA 229 project partners. Recognizing the role that education has to play in building defences of peace in the minds of people, and the interrelationship between peace and sustainable development as critical to achieving the objective of social cohesion and living together, and to move away from a culture of war and violence in a world beset with strife to a culture of peace and non-violence; and as teachers we have the power to cultivate noble ideas ( loving kindness, mercy, ...etc) in education SO we prepared a project.
Our main aim is creating awareness both in our school and partners'  to cultivate some good human beings traits through some ;
If you want to join please send me an e-mail:

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