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PG70 project has a duration of 18 months, It is consists of several events to realize in each countries involved,
The series of events is aiming at the establishment of connections, experiences and, more generally, a European space for a Europe of rights: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, human rights and fundamental ;
The abbreviation “PG70” traces back to the 2nd World War, when this acronym was used to define a prison camp close to a village in the Marche region. Actually a local network (municipalities, universities, NGOs) gave to this place shines a new light, and it embodies shared values, experiences and ;
The“PG70” project has a holistic approach and goes beyond the national borders: “EU is made by its citizens and for its citizens”. It encourages the mobility of people of the involved countries, particularly high school students between 14 and 18 years. The goal is to stimulate meditation on the tragic moments in EU history, and to instil a sense of EU citizenship, key element for strengthening the EU integration process.
Over the past three centuries, European society has changed dramatically. Nowadays, the European Union faces, however, new challenges. These must be addressed in the respect of the rights enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, to ensure economic and social cohesion, shunning the denial of those rights in the name of economic and financial speculation. Indeed, the concept of European integration embodies the idea to secure peace, and deviates from mere economic considerations (preamble of the CECA Treaty). 
However, it is often perceived as an organization incapable of acting effectively. The public opinion does not fully ascribe the improvement in social rights to the European actions and decisions. This is why the project “PG70” is of great support in keeping our history alive, by involving citizens, civil society, promoting democracy and fundamental rights. In its four events, it supports a direct dialogue with citizens, open door meetings, in order to promote cooperation and enhance the knowledge and experience of partners and citizens themselves. Students are involved in historical research: historical, political, economic, social and cultural changes, tragic events and experience, afflictions, dreads of men, victims and executioners. Students are presenting their studies by means of digitization techniques and methods, including 3D technologies. The debates, of 2-3 hours, meditate, so that the tragic events from the past will not replicate in the future. In the opening event, in Italy, the focus is on the time window that starts with the Treaty of Versailles and ends on September 1939. During the second meeting will be faced enhorrors of nazism, communism and finish 2nd world war. During the 3rd event will be discussed the EU integration process. In the final event lessons from the past and how understand the effect of he new financial and economic crisis and the future of Europe and its citizens are tackled. Thanks to participation, the meetings, it advocates a shared historical memory among all partners, students and citizens, supporting and stimulating the learning of European citizenship.

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