Peer Mediation

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Bayrakli District Directorate of National Education

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Interpersonal violence is increasing in schools and the measures taken cannot go beyond the disciplinary rules. It is observed that the violence experienced in schools significantly affects the quality of life and the success level of the students. We are witnessing both in the written and the visual press that the interpersonal violence expected to decrease with the level of development of the societies is increasing from past to present. Interpersonal violence is seen as an undesirable social phenomenon which is frequently encountered in the school environment as well as in every part of society. Our main aim in this project is to develop the peer mediation model, to solve the problems among students, school bullying, violence and interpersonal conflicts by empowering people who create conflicts in their dispute resolution and giving leadership and responsibility to mediating classmates, strengthening students through their own disagreements and competences. People both learn what they do and carry them to the future. Thus, the peer mediation model will be applied in the solution of disciplinary problems in our schools as a peaceful and negotiating method. In addition to 6 project meetings to organize project activities and to share experiences, 4 international meetings were planned for training teachers and students sent by each partner. Our main aim in this project is to apply Peer Mediation Method in solving the problems between the persons, to use this project in the schools as a peaceful and negotiable method, to educate the Peer Mediators that will realise this process; to observe, recognize, compare the differences and similarities on the studying of different European countries about Peer Mediation.

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