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Asociación Educativa por la Integración y la Igualdad

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Dear European Capitals of Smart Tourism,

My name is Ludovica and I am working in “Asociación Educativa por la Integración y la Igualdad” (AEII). We are a non-profit organization in Spain. We have experience in E+ projects, inclusion and youth. We also have a training center and provide a huge range of courses at the local, national and EU levels. Now we are mainly working with: inclusion of immigrants and support for their socio-economic background; social entrepreneurship; environmental issues and potential solutions, civil security, community building and empowerment of local communities; also non-formal education for adults.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you identify a potential consortium. We are open for future collaborations and if you have an idea we can even apply as coordinator organization if need be as it’s easier to apply from Spain and our National Agency already knows us very well. We are also interested in possible future partnerships.


I will be glad to hear from you on any potential opportunity for further discussion.


Best wishes,



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 Fonds social européen (FSE)
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