Open and innovative practices in digital era to prepare people, through their soft skills development, to face the challenges of the new society,

il y a 5 ans

University Dunarea de Jos of Galati Romania



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LECSS Project's goals and purposes.
The LECSS project primarily aims at promoting the development of soft/transversal skills of students enrolled in higher education programs or of adults involved in VET training programs. LECSS project will target improvement of quality and relevance of learners' competences by introducing the concept of "education on soft skills" as an element of learning consistent with the needs of the labour market in a modern economy.

While targeting the very sought domain of "soft skills' education", the project will try to bring new approaches, methods and means in what concerns the pedagogy of teaching of the (soft) skills through IT support, as: coaching practice in simulated workplace, learning by doing and serious gaming, mixed pedagogy for creativity, virtual laboratoratory for learning, or evaluation procedures for soft skills.

LECSS project outcomes and products - extensively based on information technology -, will be made available as open educational resources and practices for the academic community or the non-profit entities training people to improve their soft skills and creative aptitudes .

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