North African youth in European countries

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Amanda Alletorp - Danish Red Cross

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Dear colleagues

Danish Red Cross is exploring the possibility of establishing an inter-European cooperation across professionals and organizations working with the expanding groups of children and youth of North African origin, living and working on the streets of European countries. The purpose of the project is to share experiences, concerns and best practices to establish a common respond and increase ability to protect the children and youth.

The more we know, the more it becomes clear that these children are not acting on their own. They are part of profound networks pushing them into different kinds of crime and sexual abuse. Lack of knowledge about the group leads to criminalization rather than an understanding of the fact that a large amount of this group are victims of human trafficking and forced to commit crime.

To be able to offer a sustainable and appropriate support to these groups of children and youth, we need to work together across European countries.

In Danish Red Cross we are now looking for practitioners and researchers with experience and knowledge about the group,to engage in a European project with the purpose of;

  • Sharing experience about the group across countries
  • Create awareness about criminalization of a vulnerable group of children and youth.
  • Advocate for a European effort to protect this group of children and youth (policy-level)
  • Establish a common respond and increase ability to protect the children and youth.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Amanda Alletorp

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