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Our organisation gathers professionals and volunteers with different backgrounds and experience. A managing team is in charge of the management, monitoring and implementation of the EU projects, specially KA1 and KA2 projects under Erasmus+. Our team is integrated by staff who gained Leonardo, Erasmus, EVS and European Social Fund grants. We also have experienced staff in the Eurodesk network as National Coordinator and Team Europe ;

We have an EVS-ESC accreditation since 2010 and we made some projects in the last year, sending volunteers to all over Europe and hosting EVS in Madrid. We send over 150 EVS every year. Our accreditation is renewed until 2020 and we are active in European Solidarity Corps nowadays. In fact, we are part of an advisory board together with the EU Commission in order to improve the ESC platform and provide feedback and new ideas to the ESC managing team within the EACEA.

Within our association there are European projects managers and we belong to European and International networks: CCIVS, Anna Lindh Foundation, CIVIS, EYCA and Team Europe, network supported by the European Commission in Spain and some others has wide experience in Eurodesk as national co-ordinators and qualified multipliers. Our members have had the pleasure of meeting other local members of Eurodesk and we have shared experiences and plan new initiatives to improve the youth information network at national and international ;

Building Bridges also develops online courses on EU Project Management, Cultural Management, DIgital Tools and NGOs creation and management thanks to our platform YesEuropa Academy, counting on more than 500 students in our first year.

We also participate actively in other KA1 and lead KA2 actions, specially youth exchanges, seminars, study visits and youth workers mobility, sending over 150 people every year. Building Bridges also leads 2 projects involving Adult Education and Higher Education target groups together with public and private universities.

We have been awarded in several Erasmus+ projects for EVS hosting in Madrid and the organisation of international seminars that were held in Madrid in October 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We created an informal network of partners from several countries thanks to these seminars.

 Fonds Asile, Migration et Intégration (AMIF)
 Politique de cohésion
 Europe créative
 Fonds social européen (FSE)
 Programme LIFE
 Subventions EEE et Norvège

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