New seeds from the past in Susa Valley

il y a 7 ans

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Bikepartisans team means to inquire into the changes in the Susa Valley territory.

The Valley, a long narrow stretch of land starting from Turin and climbing towards the Alps till the French border, is the thoroughfare par excellence. From 1343 and 1713 it was part of the five free principalities of Briançon, Queyras, Casteldelfino, Pragelato and Oulx, known as Escartons, and enjoyed an exceptional regime of self-government.

After the industrial model crisis, it has been rethinking its role/rebuilding a new identity by exploring a new kind of agriculture, restoring native seeds and creating a notion of tourism that promotes rather than exploiting the local resources. The purpose of the project is to reassess the Susa Valley common cultural heritage with the nearby valleys as in the time of Escartons; and to engage the local community in creating a Monitoring Centre for agriculture: it could become a starting point for long-term changes.

 Développement rural
 Ressources naturelles
 Tourisme durable
 Héritage culturel

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