New environmental way of bioleaching for minerals refinement and metals extraction from primary or secondary resources

il y a 2 ans

ekolive s.r.o.



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"Disclosure of local mineral and metallic raw materials resources for ecological and economic exploitation by a new way of bioleaching". Manufacturing industries in EU countries depend on the import of high-quality mineral and metallic raw materials (RM) which are not available locally. This requires expensive long-distance transports, creates negative environmental impact and amplifies competitive disadvantages. ekolive bring solution by eco-/biological method of zero-waste mining and processing of local RM: bioleaching with heterotrophic bacteria. Proven on an industrial scale, the adoption of bioleaching with heterotrophic bacteria increase quality and value of local resources, curb imports/transport of RM, decrease negative environmental impacts, replace hazardous mining techniques, increase competitiveness, decrease CO2 production, and thus will boost the circularity of RM related economy.

As first industrial proces of organic acids production can decrease usage of pesticide. Bioleaching residue is usable as organic fertilizer due to hig N, P, K, C content.

We are ready to contribute by our innovative technology never comercially used up to now.

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