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In Europe and worldwide, we are witnessing many stories of children that, due to war and other political conflicts, do not have the freedom to enjoy a safe and carefree childhood, to experience a healthy personal development and well-being, enjoy a peaceful life with their families, to have freedom of learning.

We have started this socially responsible initiative in Slovenia and it soon became international - children from 44 primary schools from 7 countries have contributed their creative pieces and showed us how they see current situation and what kind of world would they like to live ;

The primary intent of this initiative is to create a public and widespread call to country leaders worldwide in order for them to combine their power and aid in ensuring a safe and free future for the children who are walking the path to a better tomorrow as refugees, for the children who have lost their homes, their families, their friends, their opportunity for play and education, and for us ;

We strongly believe that we all have the right and responsibility to co-create the world we live in. We invite you to join us, contribute your piece and help us change the picture of the world.

You can read more about the iniative at or follow our Facebook page (My piece for peace). For more information you can always contact ;




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