Mediterranean Municipality offering its expertise for MED Interreg Call for proposals

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The Mediterranean Municipality of Pegeia, a public governmental body in the district of Pafos, Cyprus offers its expertise for projectS submitted under the framework of the MED Interreg Call for proposals:

Our province is by the local standards quite near to the mainland and the rest of the island whilst geographically it has a coastal facing and consequently a long and unique marine identity.

Pegeia has managed over the years to establish a stable position in tourism, attracting many of international and internal visitors each year. Indeed, a significant number of inhabitants work in tourism, while many permanent residents are foreign nationals, giving the area a cosmopolitan flair.  Plus, our region with all its unique and diversified elements drawn from a number of aspects (political, cultural, socio-economic) can be a valuable addition to this kind of a project.

Our research experience in addressing and further exploring issues with a socio-economic and cultural related impact as well as our strong and longstanding collaboration with public services and governmental authorities of the Cypriot Tourist Industry can provide meaningful assistance and ease the implementation process of the envisioned ;

Additional information and on the municipality can be found here:


Plus you can see more Pegeia in a recently promotional video, made by our team of visual personnel:

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