Manunet 2019

il y a 4 ans

Romanian R&D Institute for Gas Turbines COMOTI

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Recherche partenariat

The project proposal theme adresses the Wind Turbines subject and will be well adjusted to your main activity domain. COMOTIs R&D Composite department () already developed some national projects on the Wind Turbines subject obtaining some promising results.

The aim of the work shall be the development of a Wind Turbine with increased efficiency through Tubercle Technology inspired from nature.

I would like to know if you are interested in participating in such a project. If you are interested into a possible collaboration please let me know so I can send you a short summary for this project.

Also, I attached the guide of the Manunet 2019 call so you can check it out. Unfortunately, as you can see in the call, only some regions are eligible for participating so I would like to ask you to check if you are eligible from this point of view.

Some key aspects that are important for Manunet 2019.

What we need for the consortium:

Two SME from two different Countries/Regions (COMOTI is entitled as Research Organisation)

Consortia must include at least 2 independent SMEs which can belong to the same country/region.

Organization expertise : composite manufacturing, Wind Turbines, aeronautic, aerospace industry

Project Budget and Size

No overall budget limits have been defined at MANUNET level, but regional/national limits regarding the level of funding will apply. Efficient and small to medium size consortia projects are expected (2-4 countries).

Project Duration

The project duration should be appropriate to the objectives of the research, but not exceeding 24 months in total.

Deadline for pre-proposals Thursday 21st March 2019, 12:00 (CET)

The MANUNET application process will be in 2 stages: Pre- proposal and Full- proposal.


Funding contracts are dealt directly between the project partners and their national/regional funding agencies (programme owners).


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