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Our entity CajaGranada Foundation is seeking for an available partnership and/or Lead Partner on the call of proposals “Promotion of European values through sport initiative at municipal level” (EAC/S14/2018) and on the call of proposals of Creative Europe Programme “Music Moves Europe-Training Scheme For Young Music Professionals”.

Below you can find briefly description about our Foundation.

"Granada, city in Andalusia, Spain with the population of 237 540 borders with the provinces of Málaga and Cordoba in the west, Jaén in the north, Almería in the east and it is open to the Mediterranean in the south. Granada is not only music, poetry and monuments. This province is rich of the variety of tourism as well as business destination. It is a city with the opportunity the every enterprises and the place of culture.

Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA Memoria de Andalucía is a socio-cultural project of the Caja Granada Foundation (with its Charitable Trust). Its purpose was to conceive a modern museum which would be seen as a pioneer in promoting the tradition, history and customs of Andalusia. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of activities related to education, reflection, social integration, protection of the environment, and artistic creation.

The challenge of the Museo CajaGRANADA Memoria de Andalucía is really getting to know Andalusia, a place where local men and women can learn about their history and their own identity as Andalusians. It is a stimulating centre for reflection, culture, environment, social and supportive action, as well as for art and history. The new Cultural Centre has an avant-garde and multifunctional stage, a multimedia centre that will be continually developing throughout Andalusian history, identity and cultural expansion, a permanent setting for workshop activities and an exceptional area for temporary exhibitions.

There are 3,500 sq. meters devoted to permanent museum area. An exhibit dedicated to the past, present and regional identity using a concept, based on new technology as a museum resource, on interactivity, didactics and individual participation of the museum visitors. The museum area can be seen by following an interactive and innovative route, in which the various chronological aspects of history are shown, together with accounts given by leading figures. The symbol of this architectural complex, designed by Alberto Campo Baeza both unites and confronts the two facets of daily activity of Caja Granada Foundation, whose screen-like building and main entrance is a true symbol that becomes the Gateway to Culture.

CajaGRANADA Theatre Isidoro Máiquez has a seating capacity of 300, is innovative and has a unique design, which can offer a variety of different facilities to society. One of its most original characteristics is the possibility of transforming its stage and seating according to the needs of the event to be staged. The rows are designed on a retractable system, which enables it to be converted, in a short space of time, into a large diaphanous area to accommodate concerts or even for filming cinema and television. It was conceived as a large black box, with red upholstery and seats which give the impression of a classical theatre, and it is with no doubt one of the most surprising areas within the Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA Memoria de Andalucía. The theatre is as versatile and innovative as Isidoro Máiquez himself, the genius who in the 18th century was to revolutionize the theatrical world, and to whom this theatre pays tribute.

It is a space for real inspiration, delighting our feelings, and thus becoming a permanent forum of learning and involvement in the social and cultural subjects of greatest concern and interest to the society of the 21st century.

We have participated in the project: "Mejora del Empleo de Jóvenes Artistas en Industrias Culturales". The general objective of this project was the creation of a European network, a union of efforts in the same direction which is the improvement of employment, the youth employment and the competitiveness in cultural industries. After an initial exchange of best practices between the different entities and European regions, the project aimed at seeking ways to strengthen a European network in order to create in future a common European framework of employability policies in cultural and creative industries for young artists.

Our Workshop Rooms are an area for young Andalusian artists and investigators too, to renew, extend and exchange their knowledge. Rooms for music and dance, art, new technology, audio-visuals, reflection, debate, environment; set up with the latest equipment of various types.

In addition to this, we managed two schools working in our daily tasks with children and teenagers. One of our schools is devoted to deaf and handicapped children /teenagers. Therefore, your project's idea could provide us with a high added value on the fulfilment of the pursued goals of our education centres".

If your are interested on both call of proposals, please don’t hesitate to contact with us or maybe ask us for further information about our entity.


Thanking in advance for your attention,

Best regards,

Basi Pizarro - EU Projects Consultant
Tl: +34 637 708 505


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