Looking for Leadpartner: visEUalisation– How to implement hand drawn and animated videos into teaching

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Looking for 1 experienced projectcoordinator (Leadpartner) and 1 tech partner: Erasmus+ KA2 strategic Partnership with intellectual outputs in the field of adult education (or transsectoral adult education/ Youth (24 Month) Working title: “visEUalisation– How to implement hand drawn and animated videos into teaching”

target group: small and medium sized training providers (SME) and non-profit-organisations (NGO) in adult education (and Youth)

Please note: Thanks to up2Europe, our partners were found and the consortium is formed. No further requests please.


Many small training providers have a great wealth of educationally experienced and creative employees and volunteers. Visualization has always been an important part of their daily work. They are most commonly experienced in the use of Flipchart Art or PowerPoint. However, PowerPoint is often not adequate or sufficient for the learners we meet and many trainers want to turn away from PowerPoint. But they lack the professional and technical skills to produce animated Videos. IKT-Staff in this area of expertise is not employed in minor SME or NGOs.

Those Videos have a great potential, though. They enable us to put complex issues in a nutshell in humorous and metaphorical ways. Their advantages are manifold, as they are both applicable in classroom settings and online training formats, while they also can be utilised for marketing purposes ( showing customers what a training is about and such). Another possibility is the participatory production of clips together with the learners, part of an educational and/or cultural project.

Many of the training providers work in social project work. Videos can help to make the results public. While ordinary videos often only show what has happened and possibly integrate interviews, those animated videos could really pinpoint theoretical and social issues without violating personal rights.

Main objective:

  • to develop a training to enable small and medium sized educators to develop their own videos related to their educational needs, without being dependent on external service providers.(Speed Drawing Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos and other forms of innovative videos). Related Software should be easy to use. As this is for SME and non-profit organisations related Software should be freeware or not very pricy.

Intellectual output: Training

  • Participants are enabled to produce hand drawn or animated short videos 30sec to 4 Minutes, they gain skills in

+ Idea-Development

+ Scripting, Storytelling

+ Skill set needed for drawing

+ Storyboarding

+ Importance of Voice and Sound

+ Legal questions about image rights and music rights

+ Editing

+ Posting online

Intellectual output: Explanatory manual on how to use videos in educational contexts (could be an online manual and could contain embedded videos)

  • The entire Project should be presented in a video. And every participating country should have produced exemplary videos in regards to their respective target groups and educational content (s) / topic (s).


2 Partners from Germany and Austria are interested in the Project:

2Kroner (role utilizer) initiated the project idea. 2Kroner is a small private training and consulting service provider within the fields of Diversity, Intercultural Communication, Project Development & Management as well as (EU) Fundraising. 2Kroner offers bespoke services for both the private and the public sector as well as for NGOs. 2Kroner is dedicated to the concept of lifelong learning and aims to enhance and promote equal opportunities and measures of empowerment for people from all paths of life, who are disadvantaged by structural discrimination.

The founders of 2Kroner have successfully completed several Erasmus+ KA1 projects, and have assisted in KA2 projects. They are familiar with the Erasmus+ program. They can contribute in the Fields of “Idea Development”, “Skill set needed for drawing”. They are experienced in the design and implementation of Trainings. They can support the development of the non-technical aspects of the training. They can be responsible for a test run of the training and a multiplier event in Germany at the end of the project. 2Kroner are fluent in Scandinavian Languages, English and German.


ALP (role utilizer) “Alp Activating Leadership Potential”  brings together different perspectives and approaches to contribute to leadership development and active citizenship worldwide. It links the expertise between educational research and practice as a basis for innovation and quality development in leadership. ALP contributes to the social and formal recognition of competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning for leadership ; ALP started their work in 2011 in Austria. It has branches in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Italy. ALP has successfully completed several Erasmus+ KA1 projects and KA2 projects. They are familiar with the Erasmus + program. They can contribute in the Fields of “Idea Development”, “Storytelling”. They are experienced in the design and implementation of Trainings. They can support the development of the non-technical aspects of the training. They can be responsible for a test run of the training and a multiplier event in Austria at the end of the project.

From our experience, we see a project with max. 4-6 partners:

(role technical partner) We are in need of a technical partner with professional expertise within the field of speed video / hand drawn video/ Whiteboard video and can provide the technical knowledge and software / or knowledge about software that enables the training providers to produce their videos.

(role coordinator) We are in need of a experienced KA2-Coordinator. Responsible for the application, keeping an eye on the schedule and public relations

(role music and sound) Partners, that are experienced in sound, voice and legal questions, or another training provider might as well be of interest.

We’d endorse collaborations with the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Malta, Italy, France, Croatia, Slovenia and the Baltic states.

Contact needs to be initiated by the

Working language: English

Interested partner can send a coherent profile to the initiators: Julia Keil & Jan Schröder


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