Looking for lead applicant for EuropeAid/162235/DH/ACT/Multi Partnerships Facility”

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MNCCI was established in 1960 and it’s the oldest non-governmental organization of Mongolia. MNCCI has the mission to be the leader and promoter to create a favorable business and Investment environment in Mongolia and to be the leading and pro-active contributor to the development of private sector.

Following the mission above, MNCCI has 5 principles;


- ADVOCATE to create a favorable business environment,



- SUPPORT to develop business.

MNCCI has its branch offices in 21 provinces with over 100 employees and over 3400  ; MNCCI has a wide cooperation with 126 international TPOs and CCIs  in over 100 countries. Also our chamber delivers its services and activities to private sector and investors through 27 Business councils including Corporate Social Responsibility Council.  

We are approaching grant giving institutions that empower small and medium enterprises, support women entrepreneurs, strengthen rural business development, activate clusters and sustainable development, etc.

In light of this, we just found information on a project “EuropeAid/162235/DH/ACT/Multi Partnerships Facility” in which the Chamber can act as a co-implementing institution. Therefore, I would like inquire about a possibility to help us find out a lead applicant of the European union.

 Stratégies macrorégionales de l'UE
 Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER)

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