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Municipality of Veszprém

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Veszprém is the administrative, economic, cultural and educational centre of its region in Hungary. The city is at the same time old and new, calm, but vital. Tourism and culture are essential parts of Veszprém’s life. Therefore, Veszprém is committed to the development of the cultural and creative sector and the strategic use of cultural heritage in order to gain visibility in a changing economic context and make the city more inclusive and liveable. Realization of sustainable cultural tourism, the improvement of heritage management and the repositioning of Veszprém are important fields to foster, especially now, when the city develops its application to the Cultural Capital of Europe 2023 call.

Tourism and cultural and creative industries (CCIs) play a significant role in the life of Veszprém which is prominently rich in cultural heritage and hosts numerous notable cultural events and art festivals attracting a large number of citizens and tourists. Thus, the Municipality is devoted to support initiatives that aim to preserve and promote this valuable heritage and the cultural diversity of the region. The municipality is open to cooperation with SMEs working in the field of CCIs in order to make the city visible and attractive built on endogenous but so far unexploited potentials. Thus, Veszprém is interested in joining a consortium as a partner to develop a common project proposal under the call titled “Supporting the development and promotion of transnational thematic tourism products—exploiting synergies between tourism and cultural and creative industries”.

Reinforcing cultural and creative industry in the city and the region is an important part of the application of Veszprém for the title of Cultural Capital of Europe. The city is planning to develop projects in the field in the upcoming future.

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