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Identrics offers AI solutions that turn data into patterns, semantic technologies for high automation of repeated processes for data processing and enrichment, Natural Language Processing tasks and Natural Language Generation -- automated multilingual abstracting of texts (can read in over 45 languages and produce abstracts in English). We can provide expertise in the data-information-analysis value chain (collect, process, analyze) and technological solutions in the following areas as described in the call:

  • The deployment of innovative solutions for businesses digitalisation and digital services, including the use of artificial intelligence; 
  • ICT up-take in SMEs applied to traditional and emerging sectors; B2B; B2C; Customer to Customer, including infrastructures and services to support this (digital innovation hubs, living labs, etc.); 
  • User driven innovation and valorisation of traceability and big data.

 Transfert de technologie
 Agenda numérique pour l'Europe
 Innovation & Recherche
 Nouveau média
 Politique de cohésion
 Horizon Europe
 Open source
 Intelligence artificielle
 Défence et cyber-sécurité

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