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Dear Colleagues, 

I am writing on behalf of our organization “Das Netz – Die Servicegesellschaft”. We are a start-up company from Halle, Germany founded in 2019 in the sector of adult education and counselling for different target groups. We have been granted EU-funding for our project “EUnity - Evolve into who you want to be” in the scope of the Erasmus + program (KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals) in order to send educational staff and students. Almost immediately after applying for the project, Corona hit for the first time and since then recurring lockdowns and travel restrictions resulted in us not being able to realize a single educational trip. Now, however, we are full of euphoria and want to use this year to successfully educate ourselves. Therefore, we are currently looking for partners who are willing to cooperate with us. Our mission is to organize an educational trip for our staff members. The time slot that suits us best would be any week in May 2022. If you consider yourself in a position to provide us with an educational program in the aforementioned period, we would be happy to spend time with you and exchange knowledge and experience mutually.

In order for you to get an idea of who we are and what we do, here’s a brief summary of our organization and its activities: The domains we specialize in are career counselling, personal coaching, adult education and continued professional development. We work with adults from 18 to 60, some with migrational background, quite a lot of them with at least two years of being unemployed, with VET-students, graduates, sometimes whole families. Currently we are working with the local job agencies to help combat the shortage of skilled workers by activating the hidden reserves among the unemployed and/or unskilled and by providing immigrants with sufficient German language skills to enable them to integrate into the job ;

We consider this visit an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and their respective organizations, aiming to mutually extend the wealth of experience of everyone involved. We are convinced that both parties benefit heavily from the insights into the opposite environments gained during the visit. We also plan to send abroad IT learners in the near future.

To cut a long story short: we would be pleased to hear from you, given that you are interested in the proposed collaboration!

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